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  • All Day Menu

    • 200g of prime moroccan seasoned sirloin steak, drizzled with garlic toum & topped with cruda salsa.
      Served with cumin spiced chips, tomato jam & a fresh garden salad tossed in our homemade vinaigrette.Gf
      NZ$ 34.50
    • Garlic, cumin & coriander chickpea falafels served with refreshing cucumber yoghurt sauce.
      NZ$ 13.00
    • Chunky cumin spiced potato chips served with Watties tomato sauce & garlic aioli
      NZ$ 9.50
    • Fresh ciabatta bread smothered in a homemade garlic & herb butter.
      NZ$ 9.50
    • Your choice of pork or free range chicken with Mexican black beans & fiesta rice. Wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla,
      all smothered with pork chilli verde & cheese. Baked to perfection & served with rattlesnake salsa, guacamole & sour cream.
      NZ$ 31.50
    • Six crispy jalapeno cheese bites served with chipotle cream.
      NZ$ 13.50
    • Six crispy free range chicken, cheese & spring onion enchilada bites, served with chipotle cream.
      NZ$ 16.00
    • Moroccan seasoned strips of free range chicken breast served with garlic aioli topped with harrisa.
      NZ$ 14.50
    • Rosemary & chilli polenta chips tossed with parsley served with tomato jam.
      NZ$ 12.00
    • Homemade corn tortilla chips served with our signature rattlesnake salsa & Guacamole.
      NZ$ 11.00
    • New Zealand beef & dried apricots slow cooked with authentic Moroccan spices, tomato, lemon zest & fresh coriander. Served with coriander rice.
      NZ$ 31.00
    • Moroccan spiced free range chicken strips, cumin spiced chips, fresh guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese & jalapenos, all wrapped in a flour tortilla & toasted. Served with a side of rattlesnake salsa & homemade corn tortillas.
      NZ$ 22.50
    • Moroccan spiced calamari strips, spicy prawns, Bees Knees streaky bacon served on a fresh garden salad tossed with homemade vinaigrette. Served with toasted pita & chermoula dressing.
      NZ$ 24.00
    • Three 50g marinated free range chicken breast skewers, pan seared chorizo on a bed of fresh garden salad tossed with homemade vinaigrette. Served with toasted pita bread & our signature garlic aioli.
      NZ$ 25.50
    • Marinated free range chicken, cheese, spring onion & tomato cruda salsa all rolled in two corn tortillas. Topped with tomatillo salsa, grated cheese, cruda salsa, sour cream & feta cheese. Baked to perfection & served with a side of Mexican black beans & fiesta rice.
      NZ$ 31.00
    • Spiced red lentils cooked slowly with roasted pumpkin & kumara served over coriander rice. Topped with sliced roasted almonds & fresh coriander.
      NZ$ 28.00